About Us

Monolith Systems was founded on the principle that there is a more durable and efficient way to build homes in the Pacific Northwest. We have perfected a “smart wall system”  that takes care of all the common problems we foresee for the future as well as on a daily basis.

Our company mission is to connect architects, designers, builders, and homeowners looking to build unique and elegant homes that they can enjoy for generations. Monolith Systems’ CIP technology has been featured in some of the most architecturally stunning homes on Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.

For other inquiries, questions, or comments call us at 1-888-592-6444.


Not only are we good at developing new technology to make a better building product, but we are also a group of real hands-on builders. NZ Builders is a team of innovative carpenters from around the world, who bring unique and collaborative expertise to each project. We are the movers, the shakers, and the game changers.