Tilt-up Concrete Insulated Panel Systems

Low-maintenance, high-performance custom homes built to last generations.

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What is Tilt-Up CIP?

mon·o·lith | noun

  1. a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument

Concrete Insulated Panel (CIP) technology offers a more durable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood-frame construction, especially in our west coast climate. While concrete homes deliver a sleek, customizable aesthetic, concrete insulated panels are most sought after for their longevity, weather resistance, and energy efficiency.

Originally developed in Germany, CIP construction has gained popularity around the world as a high-performance building system. Fire-, rot-, and pest-resistant, concrete homes can last more than a hundred years with minimal maintenance. CIP technology delivers an airtight, insulated home that can eliminate thermal transfer when using intentional passive solar design, making it a healthier and more sustainable solution. All concrete waste can be reused and recycled, helping to reduce overall environmental impact. 

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The Process


Architect and homeowner work with Monolith Systems to design a custom concrete home, or choose from one of our designs.


Concrete is poured onto laser-cut steel casting tables, which provide an unparalleled level of accuracy. The casting tables are customized to achieve the desired finish–from glasslike smoothness to various textures. Casting tables can be set up on or offsite.


Concrete poured offsite is transported using specialty trailers designed to move up to 30,000lbs.


Using a crane, panels are lifted into place using specially placed hooks and placed on the footing.

Unparalleled Comfort

Sound Dampening

The high density of concrete insulated panels blocks noise, making it 2/3 quieter than a wood-frame home.

Mould Resistant

Indoor mould can grow to become a health hazard. Concrete is naturally mould-resistant.


Concrete Insulated Panel structures cost less to maintain due to reduced energy costs and resilience to damage or deterioration.

Fire Resistant

Concrete walls provide resistance to fire and heat without compromising structural integrity. It also prevents the spread of smoke & flame.

Earthquake Resistant

The ductility of reinforced concrete absorbs the vibrational energy of earthquakes. Thus, it effectively reduces shaking and structural damage.

Wind Resistant

Concrete Insulated Panels can withstand winds of up to 280 km/hr, safeguarding against extreme weather conditions.

Elite workmanship, constant communication on what is needed. Couldn’t recommend this team that would do a better job.

– Nelson O’connor

The team are true professionals, constantly pushing the envelope of innovation and great design. I have really enjoyed collaborating with them on several projects and always come away learning something new and enjoying the experience.

– Lindsay Mitchell

Featured Projects

Saltspring Island

An exquisite off-the-grid paradise using active and passive solar energy, collecting water from the roof, and built durable using concrete insulated panels.

Wain Road

An award-winning home that combines the traditional Canadian build and harsh climate considerations typically done in New Zealand.

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About Us

Established in one of the most humid climates in North America, Monolith Systems was founded on the principle that there is a more sustainable way to build homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Monolith Systems provides Concrete Insulated Panels for homes built using Tilt-Up Wall Systems. We help connect architects, designers, builders, and homeowners looking to build unique and elegant homes that they can enjoy for generations. Monolith Systems’ CIP technology has been featured in some of the most architecturally stunning homes on Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.

Our system is designed for resiliency, and we stand behind our products