Builder – NZ Builders Ltd
CIP Building System –Monolith Systems

An exquisite off-the-grid paradise using active and passive solar energy, collecting water from the roof, and built durable using concrete insulated panels.


  • Passive House Inspired

  • Passive Solar Designed

  • Energy Model, Off Grid home

  • CIP Concrete Insulated Panels

  • R32 Wall Assembly

  • R40 Slab, Insulated Footings

  • R40 Roof Assembly

  • 1 ACH (Air Change per Hour)

  • Zendher HRV System Low3 Glazing

  • Fibreglass Windows

  • American Clay Walls

  • Reclaimed Wood

  • Metal Snap Lock Roof

  • Wood Burning Fireplace

  • 6Kw Solar P.V w/ Batteries

  • Rain Water Catchment

  • Heat Demand 17kw/m2 per year.

CIP Building System – Monolith Systems
Interior Design – Robyn Bryson
Builder / Designer – NZ Builders Ltd.

When Damon Gray, from NZ Builders ltd. decided to build his own home he decided to take a different approach to the  traditional Canadian build. Coming from a home country with harsher climate considerations, his view on building was already different from most.

The UV index is much higher in New Zealand and with 2000 hours of sunlight on average, and 500 mm of Coastal rain (torrential, horizontal rains), New Zealand has much more stringent building requirements.   With electricity costing 30 cents a kWh (about three times our costs here in Canada), Damon is also used to conserving energy. Damon also has two young children, a fact which figured significantly into his plans. Key points that had to be considered:

  • Low Maintenance Building method
  • Healthy Environment
  • Capital Costs analyst over Maintenance Costs.
  • Passive Solar design for natural light and Energy Savings.
  • The home had to be a piece of art.

The home was constructed using a concrete sandwich panel building method. The team at NZ Builders improvised by taking tilt up construction from the commercial industry and using it in the residential sector. Concrete sandwich panel homes offer a large range of benefits for homeowners and the environment. These homes are very low maintenance.  Rot, mould, and fire issues are removed, and building with the correct design and insulation envelope can reduce total heating and cooling loads from 25%-80%, depending on how seriously you design your home.


2014 Care Awards

Gold Awards

  • Green Builder of the Year – Small Volume

  • Best Home Design

  • Best Master Suite under 500 sq. ft.

Silver Awards

  • Project of the Year

  • Best Outdoor Living Space

  • Best Contemporary Kitchen (New or Renovated) under 230 sq. ft.

In the News

  • Time Colonist

  • Houzz

Wall System – NZ Builders
General Contractor – Summerhill Fine Homes
CIP Building System – Monolith Systems

A passive concrete home designed to be warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months using the thermal mass of the concrete to regulate heat all year long and 7′ overhangs to provide ample shading when you need it.


  • Passive House Inspired

  • Passive Solar designed

  • Energy model completed

  • Designed as 150 year plus building

  • CIP Concrete Insulated Panels

  • Zendher HRV System

  • 11Kw solar P.V w/ batteries

  • 9500L Rain water catchment

Builder – NZ Builders
CIP Building System – Monolith Systems

This industrial-inspired, high-performance design boasts some of the most diverse concrete finishes we’ve seen–one entire exterior panel features a life-size image of a Garry oak tree, taken by the homeowners and etched permanently into the concrete. The flooring is polished concrete, with embedded strips of ornate wood beneath the master and guest beds. Mixed media and textured walls are found throughout the build, and built-in concrete features such as the bathtub and cozy seating areas make the home feel warm and inviting.


  • High-performance building system

  • CIP Concrete Insulated Panels

  • R16 Effective Wall Assembly

  • R40 Slab Insulated Footings

  • R40 Roof Assembly

  • 1.3 ACH (Air Change per Hour)

  • Zendher HRV System 95% heat recovery

  • Triple paneGlazing 

  • Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows Manufactured by Fleetwood

  • Heat Demand 17kw/m2 per year.

  • Zendher HRV System

  • Polished concrete walls and floors

  • Custom steel work by local blacksmith Jake James

  • Automation system by Wenner Smart Home Systems

  • 144m3 of concrete

  • All concrete made with CarbonCure to reduce CO2 during production

  • Temperature variation of +/- 0.5 degrees (need damo here) throughout house

  • Graphic Art