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CIP Building System
Monolith Systems


This industrial-inspired, high-performance build boasts some of the most diverse concrete finishes we’ve seen–one entire exterior panel features a life-size image of a Garry oak tree, taken by the homeowners and by using concrete graphic art she is permanently embedded into the concrete. The flooring is polished concrete, with embedded strips of ornate wood beneath the master and guest beds. Mixed media and textured walls are found throughout the building, and built-in concrete features such as the bathtub and cozy seating areas make the home feel warm and inviting.


  • CIP Concrete Insulated Panels
  • R16 Effective Wall Assembly
  • R40 Slab Insulated Footings
  • R40 Roof Assembly
  • 1.3 ACH (Air Change per Hour)
  • Zendher HRV System 95% heat recovery
  • Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows Manufactured by Fleetwood
  • Heat Demand 17kw/m2 per year
  • Polished concrete walls and floors
  • Custom steel work by local blacksmith Jake James
  • Automation system by Wenner
  • 144m3 of concrete (360 tons)
  • All concrete made with CarbonCure to reduce CO2 during production
  • Temperature variation of +/- 0.5 degrees throughout house and on a daily basis. Varies slightly through the seasons. What we are trying to say is we have very low tempreture fluctuations which boosts comfort.
  • Concrete Graphic Art for interior and exterior